BirdStreets Entertainment was co-founded by Brian Morrison and John C. Boone II. They first met and worked together at Activision Game Studio in the early 2000’s on triple AAA titles for Playstation and XBOX. After moving to other ventures, a creative desire to build something bigger and brighter brought them back together in late 2014 to form the Birdstreets.


Pertaining to entertainment software development, our small team has a combined total of over 35 years experience in developing games and interactive media. Starting out in the early 1990’s, the BirdStreets team has worked on PC games and media using DOS and Windows, shared in pioneering network play experiences over multiple devices. Additionally, we’ve developed and produced numerous titles for the console and handheld markets for first-party companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Since the mid-2000’s, our team has worked with mobile hardware and software development environments ranging from early Java and Brew to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile platforms.

Beyond extensive software development experience, the team at BirdStreets Entertainment has had the opportunity and experience working directly with a number of high-profile clients and intellectual property holders, including but not limited to Film and Television, the Music Industry, Comics and Graphic Novel creators, Professional Sports organizations, and the United States Military.


Brian Morrison

Brian Morrison grew up a huge fan of all games Arcade and early home consoles. His childhood summer years were spent beach combing with his brother for empty bottles which were exchanged for coins at a local market to play arcade games at a Cannon Beach pizzeria. He has played, owned or knows a little bit about most arcade or console games since 1978. It’s this passion that is the foundation for Birdstreets entertainment.

Prior to founding Birdstreets Brian oversaw games based on comic books for Twistory Entertainment Studios. In years past he worked in production at Activision Publishing in a variety of roles. He started in the industry as co-founder of a pre-dot-com network gaming solution company “Static”. The team pioneered network software solutions for companies Psygnosis, Virtual Adventures, Sony Computer of America, and Fox Interactive.


John C. Boone II    linkedin

Normally going by his first initial, J, Mr. Boone has worked in the Interactive Entertainment Industry since 1993. He started in the industry in the Technical Support and Quality Assurance department of a small PC Games developer before moving into Game Design and eventually Project Management. Over the past 20 years, he has Designed, Developed, and Produced over 45 published titles for a variety of platforms and mediums. J. has worked on Military Simulations, First-Person and Third-Person Action titles, Vehicle and Racing titles, Platform and Puzzle titles, Sports and Fitness titles, and Children’s toy and entertainment products.

Due to his varied tours of duty in working with both software developers and publishers, J. Boone is equally comfortable evaluating or crafting Game Designs as he is overseeing schedules and development teams. J. is a certified Scrum Master and is familiar with both Agile development protocols as well as traditional Waterfall methodology.